Four Unplugged F.A.Q
(Frequently asked Questions)


Q. What do you mean by "Four Unplugged"?  There are seven of you onstage, and you have every electronic instrument under the sun plugged into a humungous sound system?

A. Well, Four Unplugged started back in 1996 as a four-piece acoustic group that became popular for performing their own versions of sixties and seventies classics.  It wasn't too long before the loyal following that developed (known as The Fourheads) convinced the band to "crank it up a notch."  In 1999 they added bass and drums and the band flourished into one of the most in-demand party bands in the area.    And the Fourheads...  they'll give the Deadheads and Parrotheads a run for their money any day!


Q. Where are you all from and how can I book you?

Our home is the Mandeville/Covington area just outside of New Orleans, LA.  Check our schedule for public performances such as nightclubs, festivals and fundraising events.  Our repertoire is flexible enough to provide entertainment appropriate for weddings, private parties, and corporate events.  For availability and booking info, contact Jan Windhorst at or (985) 789-5189 or Ricky Windhorst at (985) 789-7069.   


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