If you have any others, please feel free to call us.  Remember, it is our job to make this a special, once-in-a-lifetime event, and we will do our best to make that possible. 

For booking, date availability, or any other information on Four Unplugged, please contact:
Ricky Windhorst - (985) 789-7069 rick@fourunplugged.com

Jan Windhorst - (985) 789-5189 jan@fourunplugged.com

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Booking Information / F.A.Q.

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​Four Unplugged has a reputation as the ultimate wedding and party band after almost 20 years of providing just the right blend of music for any special occasion.  It is our job to make your event a special, one-of-a-kind experience, and we take that job very seriously.  Below are a few frequently asked questions that may assist you in booking the band.

How far in advance should I book the band? 
For weddings, you should book the band as soon as you have your date which for some brides is over a year in advance.  We have also been booked just two or three months prior to an event.  We're happy to tell you our availability for any date - just send us an email.

How do I find out if the band is available and book them? 
For availability and booking info, contact Ricky Windhorst at rick@fourunplugged.com or (985) 789-7069 or Jan Windhorst at jan@fourunplugged.com or (985) 789-5189.    

Is a deposit necessary? 
Once a date is agreed upon, a contract will be sent to you for you to sign and return with a small deposit.  Once we receive the deposit, the date is yours. 

We don't want the band to be too loud. 
Four Unplugged has an excellent, professional sound company that manages our volume according to the wishes of our clients and the requirements of the venue. Since we are quite accustomed to receptions and parties of all kinds, from the elegant to the casual, each set is geared to the individual occasion.  With such a wide songlist, we are able to select the appropriate music as the event progresses. 

Can we request a certain song for our first dance? 
If we are given the request with adequate time, we will do everything we can to make this happen.  In the odd circumstance that the song is not within our instrumentation to perform, we are more than happy to play it on CD at the appropriate time. 

We want all ages to enjoy the reception.  Can you accommodate this request? 
Our specialty is being able to play music for all ages and to provide the appropriate songs for all to enjoy.  Check out our song list page to see the variety of selections we offer to please everyone from Grandpa to the bridesmaids.

What is the cost? 
Our price depends on the date, time, and place.   We are very reasonable and are willing to work with you to make your dream day come true. 

When will the band start? 
That is totally up to the Bridal Party.  Some request us to start at a certain time; others prefer that we play CD background music and hold off until the Bride and Groom arrive and start with the first dance.  It's your wedding.  We can be flexible to insure that you receive what you want.  

Do you handle announcements? 
We have worked with the best reception halls and photographers in the city.  We know exactly what they want to get the best pictures possible of the special moments to last a lifetime.  We work with the venue and your coordinator to make sure the event goes exactly as you wish including announcements, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter, and any other special request such as a second line to march the couple out to end the reception.

Does the band provide music on the breaks? 
Yes, we provide music of your choice during all breaks. 

How does the band dress? 
We dress in classy black long-sleeved outfits to match the occasion. 

 At what venues and events has the band performed?
See a list of our venue and event performance by clicking on "Venues and Events" to the right.